CriptoReal Pillars


Facilitating the transaction process for both parties, while eliminating the intermediary costs.


Open source code to stimulate audits, benefit the system and prevent the manipulation of information


No compromises, limits or contracts for free peer-to-peer negotiations.

CriptoReal Benefits

Blockchain Technology is here definitively and these are the reasons for you to start using CriptoReal.

Open Source

Criptoreal's 100% open source code is auditable by its peers to ensure trustworthiness of emission and transactions within the protocol.

BlockChain Technology

As Bitcoin, CriptoReal's Protocol uses the distributed ledger technology, which ensures agility and neutrality of the network.


By using Criptoreal's Protocol you send and receive assets across the world in seconds instead of days as it happens with traditional, centralized, institutions.

No Bureaucracy

Without contracts or tie downs, two peers deal between each other, without intermediaries or bureaucracy involved.

Low Fees

Criptoreal's Protocol allows sending and receiving peer-to-peer assets with fees up to 2000x lower than traditional institutions.

Freedom and Neutrality

Our Protocol is neutral; use Criptoreal to buy or sell, as much, when and how you want.
Own Your Money!

  • Symbol: CRS

  • Address: C

  • Emission: 202.550.000

  • Genesis: 31/01/2018

  • Governance: 01/2019

  • MasterNode: CRS 50.000

  • MN Rewards: 50%

  • InstaSend: Active

  • PrivateSend: Active

  • Halving: 825000 blocks

  • Blocks: 120 seconds

  • Algorithm POW: Lyra2z

  • Diff: 1 Block (DGWv3)

  • Ports: 5511 – 5512

  • Premine: 1,3%

  • Source: CriptoReal

RoadMap 2018

  • Sponsorship of Bitconf 2018
  • Sponsorship of eSports Tournaments
  • Social Network Campaigns
  • Adwords, CoinTraffic, etc. campaigns.
  • National and International Press

  • National Exchange BRL/CRS
  • Local Strategic Partnerships
  • Representatives from Latin America
  • Representatives from Rest of the World

  • Fund Implementation
  • Proposal Platform
  • Acceptance of Proposals
  • Voting for Proposals
  • Execution of Proposals



  • Legal basis
  • Creation of Genesis
  • Compiled Wallets
  • Online Wallet
  • Paper Wallet
  • Activation of Masternodes
  • First International Exchange


  • Mobile Wallets
  • Second International Exchange
  • E-commerce Integration
  • Members Platform
  • First CRS services


  • Retailers and Service Providers
  • POS Hardware
  • Self-service totems
  • Online Games Platform

Own Your Money!

Criptoreal's protocol offers freedom to deal any asset peer-to-peer in real time, without intermediaries or abusive fees.

Download your wallet right now and be a part of this revolution!

CriptoReal Philosophy

Blockchain or distributed ledger technology is here to solve one of the main issues our society faces nowadays, the lack of transparence.
With lack of transparence, people in powerful positions may abuse the rest of the population freely.
Regretfully, in our country, cases of misappropriation of public funds, corruption and illegal enrichment are not rare.

We believe that this technology, given the fact that is publicly auditable, may help our population to hold public officials responsible, putting the power back where it belongs.

As if this isn't enough, CriptoReal aims to solve other typical issues of our country, they are:

  • Our country has one of highest bank fees and one of worst services levels in the entire world.
  • Credit Card acquirers and others intermediaries have one of slowest and most expensive funds clearance process in the entire world.
  • Facing fraud and malicious prosecution is the rule for people who try to grow in our country.
  • Entrepreneurs have no judicial security to invest in their ideas and develop their projects.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be publishing articles on our blog showing the community of how Criptoreal's protocol can be adopted and used to handle situations described above.

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